I am only a medium

As an experimental artist I am always on the search for innovative means and ways to express myself. My pictures and sculptures look spontaneous without a visible plan. But they are all planned long ahead of time before I get to work at them. It is my purpose to make them look as if they came just from my inner self like thrown onto this canvas or piece of wood at this very moment. Before I start actually working I have my entire plan set up and prepared ahead sometimes for weeks…sometimes for months or even years before the proper time has come to realize this plan.

My art is not what some people might consider: a profession. My art is my life. I live my art. I am constantly feeling my art in every move I make…every thought I have…every step I take and every fall I have. I get up with my art and go to sleep with my art. It’s all around me everywhere I go. It’s with me constantly. It is a part of me like my arm and the pictures and sculptures I make are just the quotation marks I set. My life is a book. I read in it constantly. My art are just the flourishing flowers sprouting from the ground which is called: my life.


I think that anything one can think of has a life of its own.

I think as an artist one should not try to manipulate the creation. I think the artist has only a supporting role in creating the painting or sculpture. Each medium the artists uses has his own will. It knows exactly what it wants. Any manipulation is a mutilation. As an artist one should feel with the material…let it find its own ways of its own life.

Born 1949 in Germany;
1970-1990 Oil Painting;
1972-1974 Long Beach City College, California, USA, Art and Languages
1980-1986 Ceramics (Crystalline glaze development),
Bronze (lost wax procedures),
Glass fusion in combination with metal and minerals
1988-1990 Acrylic painting (Symbolisms)
Since 1996 Paper machee objects and installations
2000-2002 Water Colours
Since 2003 Illuminated Objects and acrylic painting
Since 2007 Metal foil applications on paper and canvas
Since 2010 Mixed media on canvas and wooden sculptures


1972 Gallery "Art World" Los Angeles, USA (Group)
1983 "Duerener Tor" Nideggen, Germany (Joint)
"Kulturtage"Gemeindverwaltung" Kreuzau, Germany (Gr)
1984 "Stadverwaltung" Dueren, Germany (Group)
1986 "Kulturtage"Gemeindeverwaltung" Kreuzau, Germany (Gr)
1994 "Duerener Tor" Nideggen, Germany (Split)
1992-2006 "Studio Exhibitions
2006 "Charnock City" Gallery, Kolkata, India (Solo)
2009 “India Habitat Center” New Delhi, India (Group)
2010 “Triveni Kala Sangam” Gallery, New Delhi, India (Joint))
“Chitrakoot Art Gallery” Kolkata, India (Solo)
2011 “Indian Academy of Fine Arts” Amritsar, Punjab, India (Solo)
“Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre”, New Delhi, India (Gr)
2012 "Lalit Kala Akademi" Lucknow, India (Gr)
2013 "Gaganendra Pradarshashalala" Kolkata, India (Gr)